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Alright, guys. My winter blues are almost over. Here’s a silly comic about creepy crawlies.


So apparently some rich French guy was sitting around one day and wanted to sit in the middle of the desert and watch Dune with his friends. So he made a theater and then it turns out It was a really, really bad idea and not a single movie was shown there. The local’s in the middle of somewhere Egypt didn’t like the idea for some reason and sabotaged it. Now there’s a random theater in the middle of the desert and some day no one will know why. 

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Props to Blue Willow bookstore in Houston for this display.


Props to Blue Willow bookstore in Houston for this display.



Nika Danielska Designs by Kate Strucka for Factice Magazine #17

Face masks,  Sharply Fierce fetish fashion concepts to the forefront of dramatic style.

Design porn.


I put together a “cursed museum object” for my friend’s birthday, using stuff I had around my house… cicada shells, twigs and paper. Yes, I keep weird stuff around my house.


Well! This issue hasn’t reached SA yet. 

Really?  It’s from issue six, how many months behind are you guys?



World War II Aircraft Nose Art

Wow, those are all fantastic. (:



talking about Rosie The Riveter, fun fact: while the We Can Do It picture has become the most-well known depiction of her in modern times, it wasn’t really a famous image when it was made—in fact, it wasn’t even intended to be her

the most famous depiction of Rosie The Riveter during WWII was probably Norman Rockwell’s painting 


note what she’s resting her foot on


Just a point of interest: Rockwell modeled this Rosie after Michelangelo’s depiction of Isaiah in the Sistine Chapel.  Which is somewhat appropriate considering how all of Michelangelo’s women were modeled off of men.